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Supported Living Services

Whether a person is living with their parents, in their own home or in a supported living setting, our support workers go to them, supporting them with any aspect of their life. That might mean showing them how to do their laundry or cook a meal, or it may involve going out in the community to enhance their social skills – in short, providing whatever help they need to enjoy a good quality of life and achieve their goals.


Other areas where we can provide support include:

  • Maintaining a tenancy
  • Managing finances and budgeting
  • Encouraging educational, leisure and employment pursuits
  • Encouraging self care and establishing links to appropriate healthcare services
  • Monitoring the mental and physical health of the person
  • Diet
  • Shopping
  • Dealing with health and social services
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Building self-esteem
  • Personal Care - supporting the administration of medication and support washing and bathing etc..

Supported living services suit people who need extra help with daily living tasks and to participate fully in their local community, but who don’t need full residential support.

A tailored support package to meet a person’s needs is drawn up and this could translate into a support worker being on-site or visiting the individuals at their accommodation at agreed times. We can work with housing partners to develop options that enable people to live in their own flat with their own tenancies to provide as much independence as possible.

At House Martins we are passionate about supporting people who are Deaf with learning disabilities to enjoy the best possible quality of life. We want to offer the people we support as wide a choice of opportunities as possible to develop their skills and live the life in the way they choose. As well as providing direct, practical support to people in their own homes, we forge ties with community groups and charities, social and leisure groups, education providers and employers in local communities to help people make the most of the opportunities on their doorstep.

All of our staff use British Sign Language and are trained in total communication techniques. This is important when establishing relationships with people and building confidence. Our knowledge of the Deaf community enables us to assist people who may want to integrate with other Deaf people and build relationships.

Whether it is liaising with GPs or assisting with family issues, our support workers can help. It may be just a few hours for a short period of time that is needed or it could be regular hours over many months. The most important thing is that the service is tailored towards the individual and meets their needs.

House Martins Supported Living Services works closely with our Residential Care service. This allows us access to an established staff team that has a wealth of experience supporting Deaf people especially in the Manchester/Salford area.

Our priority is to support the person to live independently and therefore there is less dependency. We shop, cook or clean for people if needed but we prefer to enable the person by assisting to plan menus, write shopping lists and offer support with managing budgets. We can also accompany people when out shopping by planning routes and the process of choosing foods and paying for them. We would hope that this could lead to people gradually needing less and less support resulting in more independence.

REACH standards are used as the framework for how we support people in supported living.


Residential care

Our Residential Care homes are Supportive, Safe, and are designed to meet the needs of the people we support within local communities.

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Supported living services

Whether a person is living with their family, in their own home or in a supported living setting, our support workers go to them, supporting them with any aspect of their life.

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